Taking Back Your Power!

Understanding How Power influences Every Decision We Make Towards Our Own Happiness!

POWER! Who has most of yours?  What situation, person, place or thing are you focusing your power on?

Every day, every moment we are thinking about power. This most often is represented as “worth” or “worthiness” in our thoughts and subconscious mind. Things of more worth, tend to have more power and things that are worth-less have less power (in our mind).

Understanding what we see has powerful, has big implications on our happiness for we are also included in this equation. We can only discern power in relation to us and our interpretation of our own worth. In relationships of all kinds we are deciding how much power we have as relative to others. How much power we are taking and how much power we are giving away.

 Understanding your own power can help make you a powerful happy individual.


This week’s seminar that I conducted focused on my all time favorite topic: HAPPINESS!!! It’s something I talk a lot about and something I feel is very important. We use this word “happiness” sometimes as a thing that is hard to obtain, or something that we have to “work” towards or wish for to achieve….

Understanding Choice

What’s the difference between choice, responsibility and fault? “Choice only exists in a time space continuum where we have the perception of separateness and choice, therefore is the creative expression of the-one.”   – Dr. Lewis Jordan   “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill  “A manifested…

How To Love Yourself

How to Love yourself: Defining yourself in an unconditionally loving way.   What does someone who loves themselves unconditionally, deserve? The answer is, Everything! The perception of lack comes from the idea that you are not good enough and therefore, it manifests in your life with negative feelings & consequences. The wonderful thing about defining…

Defining Beliefs

Defining Beliefs for Success & Happiness. Your core belief system is the foundation for success and happiness. Any belief that does not work for you will show up in your life as a negative experience.  You are the architect of your beliefs, what have you constructed for yourself?  “As a man believes so is he” Proverbs…


Your relationships with everything in your life are based on your perceptions of Who you are and What you think you deserve. SAFTEY VS. DESERVABILITY – A BIG ISSUES IN LIFE We make up rules and beliefs for our lives based on the need to be safe & based our core belief of WHO we…

Creating a Happy Ego…Creating a Happy Life

When the ego is over developed we see ‘self protecting’ behaviors. An ego says, “fear” and “safety.” The “I” says let’s be happy and free. These forces often have competing goals and many times the ego wins out when the individual has saftey issues from the past, often seen as unforgiveness (i.e. saying something like,…

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day has just passed and it’s a good time to reflect on the things about Mom that we love and the things we may want to leave behind. When we think thoughts like, “I would never want to be like my Mother,” there may be anger or victimization or un forgiveness in that statement….


Love is a pathway to forgiveness but getting there can be very difficult to understand. When we are in un-forgiveness to someone or something we are indirectly giving our power over to the person or thing that we are angry at. Anger comes from our perception that something was done TO us. What we do…

Empowering yourself towards happiness.

Starting with foundational beliefs helps us to take full responsibility for our own happiness. If happiness is a choice we are making then anxiety have the power in every moment to choose the feeling we wish. Some foundational beliefs that may help give you POWER!  Everything we understand to be right and wrong, good or…