This week’s seminar that I conducted focused on my all time favorite topic: HAPPINESS!!! It’s something I talk a lot about and something I feel is very important. We use this word “happiness” sometimes as a thing that is hard to obtain, or something that we have to “work” towards or wish for to achieve. We see happiness as a goal or a dream. Why is this? Happiness like all things is a choice. You can choose to be happy right now in this very moment.  If it is not a choice, who or what is contributing to your lack of happiness?

Moving through choices that we do not necessarily understand can cause emotional troubles, frustration, anger, anxiety, depression, etc. Creating happiness starts with examining your beliefs. Understanding what is running you in your subconscious mind. What thoughts, beliefs and victim stories do you have running your life today? Where did they come from and how can you start shifting them? 

“The God Test,” The title of my book; is something that I created many years back and use in my therapy practice today as well as in this class and in my speaking engagements. The God Test helps to understand how your beliefs influence your various mood states. Through understanding your beliefs you can take back your power and choose to create happiness NOW.  Some issues that I see frequently come up that prevent people from achieving happiness are, deservability issues, shame, guilt and feelings of not loving the self.  Self awareness is KEY in understanding these sometimes difficult core beliefs.  

Blessings, Dr. Lewis Jordan ~
“Happiness is a choice we make every day….What are you choosing?”

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