Understanding Choice

What’s the difference between choice, responsibility and fault?

“Choice only exists in a time space continuum where we have the perception of separateness and choice, therefore is the creative expression of the-one.”

  – Dr. Lewis Jordan


What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve” – Napoleon Hill

 “A manifested choice is always determined.” – Dr. Lewis Jordan



1.  If someone is born mentally retarded or with cerebral palsy, is that his or her choice?

 2.  If someone is raped at age 3 is that their choice?

 3.  If someone smokes 3 packs of cigarettes a day and gets lung cancer at age       50 is that their choice

 4.  If somebody lies to you about not having HIV and then you get HIV from them, was that your choice?


• When did something happen in your life that you did not choose?   

 • Have you even been angry with someone?


What feels better to you?:

A.  That you choose something

B.  God chooses something for you

C.  Karma form a past life chooses it for you

D.  Luck or fate chooses it for you


• Who IS making the choice? Are you simply an observer?  Or, are you the observed and the observer? (Quantum physics) 

 • Think about a time that you could not see past a choice that you didn’t understand and NOW, you are able to understand that an individual or thing, made that choice. 

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