My Philosophy.

At our core, all concision beings want to feel the best they can, as often as they can. This is your core desire as a human being.  To get there, our mind tries and make sense of events that happen in our lives.  The mind then constructs belief systems (patterns, bi-laws, or rules) so that you do not repeat the mistakes or circumstances that do not make you feel good. 

This works fine most of the time but when a belief is created that does not work, things break down, emotions that do not feel good come into play and these emotions let you know that a thought or belief does not work for you. The reason we don’t let go of a thought or belief that does not work is due to the ego.  The ego is striving to protect itself from a real or imagined attack. Getting the ego to let go is imperative!

Change itself can be an anxiety producing event, ‘fear of the unknown’. Since change is existence, there need be no fear in the perfectly normal event of change. Many feel the fear of the change and do it anyway.  This is particularly true when it comes to change. The fear of change is the fear of life and without change there is no life.

Depression – Anxiety – Fear – Guilt – Despair, are feelings that guide you to thoughts and new feelings that work better for you. 

When you are not sure what to believe or not sure what to say to yourself, go with your feelings, they never let you down.  

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