Love is a pathway to forgiveness but getting there can be very difficult to understand. When we are in un-forgiveness to someone or something we are indirectly giving our power over to the person or thing that we are angry at.

Anger comes from our perception that something was done TO us. What we do not understand sometimes is that people are not intentionally doing things TO us. Our perception of what is happening to us is merely a reflection of what we think and feel about ourselves. People get angry and become victims because they think that people are doing things TO them and that thing is making them ‘bad wrong or not good enough’. No one can make you feel this way unless you give someone or something the power to do so.  I heard something the other day that I liked, “I can only let someone make me feel angry if I give them my permission to do so.”  

Our responsibility is in the situation: Many times we are enrolled in wanting or needing to be a victim whether we see it or not. Learning to let go of our anger and victimizations can transform our lives to where we define ourselves not thru judgment, but happiness and love.

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